Bathroom Fittings

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Lefroy Brooks

'A century of Classics - the story of a hundred years of bathrooms'

Christo Lefroy Brooks has taken on the task of researching this century of taps and selecting the great classics from each decade. From their domestic origins in the late Victorian era through the mechanical angularity of the Edwardians, the curvaceous turn of the century French, the colonial twenties, the Deco thirties, the streamline fifties, the starry sixties to the nineteen seventies when it all seemed to begin again. Each decade has been carefully considered and researched.

Lefroy Brooks products are made from 100% solid brass. They have been individually hand polished, assembled and plated in one of the following available finishes: Antique Gold, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel or Satin Nickel.

Lefroy Brooks - Fifth - 1940 1940 - Fifth
Lefroy Brooks - Classic 1900 1900 - Classic White & Black
Lefroy Brooks - La Chapelle 1910 1910 - La Chapelle
Lefroy Brooks - Ten Ten 1920 1920 - Ten Ten
Lefroy Brooks - Mackintosh 1930 1930 - Mackintosh
Lefroy Brooks - Belle Aire 1950 1950 - Belle Aire
Lefroy Brooks - Sanitaryware Sanitaryware
Lefroy Brooks - Mackintosh Accessories Mackintosh Accessories
Lefroy Brooks - Accessories Classic Accessories

Vogue (UK) Ltd offers a wide range of unique hand crafted quality heated towel warmers which are made from brass and available in various finishes to compliment your bathroom decor.

Vogue - Heated Towel Warmers Heated towel rails
William Holland

William Holland handcraft baths and basins to generous proportions from Copper and Brass. Combining both pliancy and durability these elements lend themselves perfectly to sculpted design. They also warm up instantly retaining the temperature of the water long after you're wrapped up in a towel.

William Holland Baths, basins and taps

Recor cast iron enameled bathtub range is the main reference for original cast iron bathtub designs across the world with more than 50 years experience. All bathtubs are manufactured according to the strictest quality standards and use only class AA enamel. Recors offers a wide range of bathtubs in a variety of different finishes and external skirtings.

Recor Cast iron baths

At Herbeau, the human touch is present in every stage of the manufacturing process. Founded in 1857, Herbeau represents 157 years of expertise in the manufacture of fine kitchen and bath fixtures.

Herbeau French bathroom and kitchen fittings