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Below you will find detailed catalogues from each of our various suppliers showcasing all of the Bathroom Fittings available.

Each of our suppliers are shown in different sections below giving a write up about the company, the type of products they supply and the finishes available.
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Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks is the manufacturer of classic British bathrooms. All taps are hand cast, hand forged, hand polished and hand assembled.

From Lefroy Brook's archives they have produced a historically referenced range of essential bathrooms. Their story spans the last century from the tap’s domestic origins in the late Victorian era through to the beginning of a new millennium.

The story begins in 1900 with the Edwardian turn of the century British range. The curvaceous French range, La Chapelle follows in 1910. The Industrial Steampunk age in 1920s. The 1930s range encompasses the Art Deco period. The glamorous 1940s range includes panels of hand applied black lacquer. In the 1950s we have the west coast streamlined style, evocative of the great American automobiles. The definitive minimalist range, machined from solid stainless steel completes the century in 2000.

These classic products still stand the test of time. They were beautifully made, beautifully practical and they remain beautiful today.

Lefroy Brooks products are made from 100% solid brass. They have been individually hand polished, assembled and plated in a special finish.


Goods are made to order and have a lead time of approx. 6 - 8 weeks for production and courier/airfreight from the UK. For large quantities and ceramic sanware goods will need to be shipped via seafreight which has a 10 - 14 week lead time.


Solid Brass and Ceramic.


14 brass metal different finishes available. Refer to finishes catalogue below.

Styles for all Levers and Handwheels

All Tap Styles

Lefroy Brooks - 1900 - Classic

1900 - Classic

Lefroy Brooks - 1910 - La Chapelle

1910 - La Chapelle

Lefroy Brooks - 1920 - Ten Ten

1920 - Ten Ten

Lefroy Brooks - 1930 - Mackintosh

1930 - Mackintosh

Lefroy Brooks - 1935 - Janey Mac

1935 - Janey Mac

Lefroy Brooks - 1940 - Fifth

1940 - Fifth

Lefroy Brooks - 1950 - Belle Aire

1950 - Belle Aire

Lefroy Brooks - 2000 - XO

2000 - XO

Lefroy Brooks - Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories

Lefroy Brooks - Ceramic Sanware

Ceramic Sanware

Lefroy Brooks - Finishes Available


Vogue UK

Established in 1990, Vogue (UK) Ltd offers a wide range of unique hand crafted high quality heated towel warmers which are made from DZR brass and available in various finishes to compliment your bathroom decor.


Goods are made to order and have a lead time of approx. 6 - 8 weeks for production and airfreight from the UK. For 3 or more towel warmers seafreight will be required which will take estimated 8 - 12 weeks.


Brass and Mild Steel Radiators.


19 brass metal finishes and can match finishes to existing bathroom fittings as close as possible. Refer to catalogue below. 29 radiator gloss RAL colors available.

Vogue - Brass Towel Warmers

Brass Towel Warmers

William Holland

William Holland handcraft baths and basins to generous proportions from Copper and Brass. Combining both pliancy and durability these elements lend themselves perfectly to sculpted design. They also warm up instantly retaining the temperature of the water long after you're wrapped up in a towel.


Goods are made to order and have a lead time of approx. 6 - 8 weeks for production and airfreight from the UK for basins and brassware. For baths or more than 3 basins, seafreight will be required which will take estimated 9 - 12 weeks.


Copper and Brass.


Copper, Brushed Copper, Patina, Verdigris copper metal finishes. Brass, Brushed Brass, Nickel and Brushed Nickel brass metal finishes. Refer to catalogue below for all of the options available for exterior and interior of the baths or basins.

William Holland - Baths, Basins and Taps

Baths, Basins & Taps


Recor cast iron enameled bathtub range is the main reference for original cast iron bathtub designs across the world with more than 50 years experience. All bathtubs are manufactured according to the strictest quality standards and use only class AA enamel. Recor offers a wide range of bathtubs in a variety of different finishes and external skirtings.


Goods are made to order and have a lead time of approx. 8 - 12 weeks for production and seafreight from Portugal.


Cast Iron.


Exterior skirting materials varies (includes aluminium, leather, moissac, copper, brass and hand gilded finishes). Painted exterior finishes. Refer to catalogue below.

Recor - Cast Iron Baths

Cast Iron Baths


At Herbeau, the human touch is evident at every stage of manufacture. This makes it possible to form and decorate earthenware products in line with the pure tradition of 18th century French ceramics. The expertise of our coppersmiths also ensures that our tap fittings and copper basins are authentic and of the highest quality.

The extent of our manufacturing capacity enables us to offer series of products that are distinctive, ranging from simple taps to complete bathroom suites


Goods are made to order and have a lead time of approx. 8 - 12 weeks for production and air or seafreight from France.


Copper, Brass and Ceramic.


Refer to catalogue below.

Herbeau - French Brassware, Copper and Ceramics.

Bathroom & Kitchen Fittings