Eclectic Cabinet Fittings for Your Dream Home

cabinet fittings

Eclectic Cabinet Fittings for Your Dream Home

Cabinet fittings can make a statement in any home. Whether you are revamping your kitchen, planning to transform a chest of drawers or upgrading existing cupboard doors, the world of cabinet fittings is vast. Cabinet hardware includes the knobs and pulls attached to cabinets and drawers as well as the necessary hinges and brackets needed to open and close the doors.

Cabinet fittings are both functional and aesthetically important. They can reaffirm your décor style. Whether you love delicate and ornate fittings to complement a more traditional home or bold, statement pieces to reflect your maximalist aesthetic, Mercury Fittings has an option for you. We stock a large selection of luxury products from top European brands, each of which is expertly crafted for ultimate precision and longevity.

Let’s explore our cabinet fitting offerings in greater detail, shining the spotlight on two of our impressive European brands.

Finding Quality Cabinet Fittings at Mercury Fittings

The two primary types of cabinet fittings homeowners can choose from are knobs (these are usually small and located on cabinet doors) and pulls (which are longer and used on drawers.) Nonetheless, cabinet hardware tends to be a personal decision, and no rules exist when it comes to designing your home. Many of our brands also stock a wide range of hinges, magnets, and brackets.

Choosing the right cabinet hardware for your home requires a few considerations. You need to think about the design, material, shape, colour, and size. Our range of premium brands offers a comprehensive selection of products perfectly suited to all styles and designs.

Here, we delve into two of our popular brands, namely Armac Martin and Carlisle Brass.

Armac Martin: The Armac Martin family-run enterprise has existed since 1929. They are well-revered for their premium solid brass offerings, cabinet hardware, and designer mirrors. If you’re searching for premium quality brass handles, knobs, pulls, t-bars, shelf brackets, and hinges, Armac Martin boasts an impressive range of cabinet hardware for modern homeowners. The innovative MIX Collection allows you to interchange hardware and choose between 20 stunning finishes, including burnished brass and matt black.

Carlisle Brass: Another powerhouse brand when it comes to quality cabinet fittings is Carlisle Brass. With over 30 years in the cabinet hardware sector, they are known for their phenomenal ironmongery and architectural prowess. For this reason, they are well-celebrated by architects, designers, and professional installers. Their new range of door handles – named the Lines Collection, is particularly impressive as it features an engineered texture. The collection offers several stunning finishes for radio knobs, pull handles and t-bar knobs, including matt black, antique brass, and dual-polished chrome with a satin-nickel grip. Explore their vast range and find the perfect fittings for your home.

Those looking to explore our cabinet fittings are encouraged to browse our other brand catalogues, including the classic brass architecture offered by Frank Allart & Company, the comprehensive options by Turnstyle Designs, the sleek and modern designs of Simonswerk, the award-winning Finesse Design, and the expertly hand-crafted Bouvet products.

Book an Appointment at Our Showroom

If you want to view our premium range of cabinet fittings and other kitchen and bathroom products, visit our showroom in Westlake, Cape Town. Book an appointment between Monday and Friday at a time most convenient to you, and we will gladly show you our diverse range. Prospective buyers can also browse our gallery to view our stylish selection more closely.

Send us an email at or call us at +27 (0)21 702 0905, and we will happily assist. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury hardware fittings industry, we offer a superior line of brands and products to cater to your unique design needs.

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