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At home Armac Brassworks factory we have the skills and experience available to provide brass manufacturing of the highest quality. We have our own brass presswork facility, we do our own brazing work, we can hand finish and polish all manner of brass components.

Armac Martin manufactures high quality brass cabinet fittings from traditional cast patterns through to modern innovations. All of these magnificent fittings are available in up to 20 different finishes.

Belgrave Collection - Armac Martin
Kingsheath Collection - Armac Martin
Bromwich Collection - Armac Martin
Bakes Collection - Armac Martin
Cotswold Collection - Armac Martin
Sparkbrook Collection - Armac Martin
Leebank Collection - Armac Martin
Georgian Sq Grille - Armac Martin
Gaumont Collection - Armac Martin
Latchford Collection - Armac Martin
Diamond Grilles - Armac Martin
Corona Collection - Armac Martin
Wagstaffe Collection - Armac Martin
Arbar Collection - Armac Martin
Jefferson Collection - Armac Martin
Oblique Collection - Armac Martin
Quadrille Collection - Armac Martin
Snowdrift Collection - Armac Martin

Frank Allart's high quality brass cabinet fittings has been described as ‘jewellery for the home’ and can be found adorning prestigious homes, luxury hotels, and historic buildings around the world. The new cabinet fittings catalogue focuses on our extensive selection of cabinet knobs and pulls. Our cabinet knobs are now offered with a choice of different rosette combinations to provide design flexibility. This also affords the specifier the opportunity to mix finishes between knob & rosette and create a truly unique and individual aesthetic.

Available in over 30 different finishes and patinas, our cabinet furniture is designed to complement our full range of door & window furniture.

0674 Cabinet Knobs - Frank Allart
0678 & 0677 Cabinet Knobs - Frank Allart
Rose Gold Rope - Frank Allart
0695 & 0694 Cabinet Knobs - Frank Allart
0685 Cabinet Knob - Frank Allart
Beaded Cabinet Knobs - Frank Allart
Rotor Range - Frank Allart
1910 to 1917 Pull Handle - Frank Allart
Art Deco Knobs - Frank Allart
Chestnut Bronze Knobs - Frank Allart
Art Deco Knobs - Frank Allart

Turnstyle Designs have been delivering the above in equal measures for over 25 years, we do not believe in compromise. Luxury Door Hardware designed in the UK and made to the very highest standards in the UK to be sold throughout the world.

Hammered & Black Leather - Turnstyle
Vintage Nickel & Black Leather - Turnstyle
Stacked Cabinet Knobs - Turnstyle
Labyrinth Pull Handles - Turnstyle
Hammered Scroll - Turnstyle
Wave Leather Cup Pulls - Turnstyle
Cabinet Pull Handles - Turnstyle
Coffin Scroll Pull Handles - Turnstyle
Faceted Range - Turnstyle
Tan Leather - Turnstyle
T-bars - Turnstyle
Echo - Turnstyle
Echo - Turnstyle
Sonar - Turnstyle

Finesse Design offers you award winning and brilliantly original designs in pewter. These products will grace the home of anyone with an eye for inspirational design. With over 30 years manufacturing experience and combine modern production techniques with a handcrafted finish that highlights the natural beauty of pewter.

Heaton Bar Handle - Finesse
Quebec Knob - Finesse
Fossy Cup Handle - Finesse
Healey Cabinet Pull - Finesse
Cone Pull Handle - Finesse
Paxton Knob - Finesse
Classic Cup Pull - Finesse
Harrington Knob - Finesse
Goswick Pull Handle - Finesse
Belford Pull Handle - Finesse
Grange Pull Handle - Finesse

Expertly hand-crafted in France from the finest natural materials, each item is unique. And as we design all our own models, they can truly be called "Bouvet originals". Bouvet offers steel and brass ironmongery with Pewter, Black, Rust Epoxy, Polished Brass, Satin Brass and Antique Brass finishes.

Clery Cabinet Knobs - Bouvet
Quality Forged Steel - Bouvet
Hammered Knob - Bouvet
Cabinet Drop Pull - Bouvet
Porcelain Knobs - Bouvet
Hammered Knobs - Bouvet
Coat Rack - Bouvet
Cabinet Escutcheons - Bouvet

Fingertip Design is one of the big brands within Carlisle Brass. The range includes traditional through to modern cabinet fittings in a wide variety of finishes. These fittings are in stock at Carlisle Brass in the UK and only have a delivery lead time for processing orders and courier from the UK.

Cabinet Hinges - Carlisle Brass
Fingertip Knobs - Carlisle Brass
Delamain Knobs - Carlisle Brass
Crystal Knobs - Carlisle Brass
Fingertip Knobs -  Carlisle Brass
Casi Knobs - Carlisle Brass
Reeded Pull Handles - Carlisle Brass
Leuci Pull Handle - Carlisle Brass